Stovax Stockton 5 Midline Multi-Fuel Stove

Price / kg:

As an alternative to the standard Stovax Stockton 5 stove, you can choose the Stockton 5 Midline multi-fuel version. This design offers a slightly more integrated, contemporary slant that is particularly suited to modern interiors yet still provides all the benefits of the original model.

  • Brand - Stovax
  • High efficiency - Up to 85% 
  • Multi fuel (with external riddling) 
  • Approved for Smoke Control Areas (when fitted with a smoke control kit) 
  • Cleanburn 
  • Airwash 
  • Flat top 
  • Nominal heat output and range - 4.9kw (2.5 - 7kw) 
  • Maximum log length - 13" (330mm) 
  • Room vent not normally required 
  • Dimensions - 481mm x 600mm x 294mm (width x height x depth) 
  • Flue diameter - 127mm
  • Weight - 100kg 

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