Drugasar Diamond D45 Wall Heater - Light-Grey

Price / kg:

DRU Diamond D45 fan-assisted balanced flue gas wall heater - heat output 4.4 kW

Price includes wall heater and standard flue 

DRU Diamond Series heaters, like Art and Style, are balanced flue models, but with the added benefit of electrically driven, forced air convection for quick and effective heating.

They are efficient, reliable heating appliances that can be installed in studios, offices, schools, light industrial premises or in homes. 

DRU Diamond series gas wall heaters use balanced flue technology. This system was invented by DRU in the 1930s and is present on a large number of gas heating devices today. They draw air from outside the building for combustion using a flue with natural convection. A separate part of the same flue releases exhaust gases into the atmosphere.

This results in safe, and efficient heating for offices, homes and many other locations. Because the air is not being reduced inside the building, the heating is comfortable for students, company personnel, light industrial staff or adults and children in their homes.

The heaters have an  efficiency rating of 78%. This is exceptionally good for any commercial heating appliance. It means that, with correct care and maintenance, the heaters will deliver economical office or home heating, with lower fuel bills and lower carbon emissions, making them safe for the environment.

DRU Diamond series gas wall heaters are compatible with natural gas. This means that they can be installed in almost any location, however remote that may be. They can be found in rural homes, village halls, military barracks, government establishments, agricultural premises and zoos.

DRU Diamond series gas wall heaters require both gas and electrical connections. They have built-in 7 day timers and integral thermostats, so they can operate effectively in isolation from the rest of a building’s heating system. And by offering fan assisted convection, they ensure comfortable, efficient and economical heating with rapid warm-up times.

Brand DRU
Model Suspended
Fuel Natural gas 
Output (kW) 4.4 kW 
Combustion system Closed
Efficiency 78%
Interior finish -
Front colours Light grey
Burner -
Fire-view Front
Controls Manual

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