Drugasar S-Line 8 Wall Heater - Pearl White

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DRU S-Line 8 conventional flue gas wall heater with chimney connection - heat output 8 kW

DRU S Line wall heaters fulfil the wishes of people, companies and institutions that want to attach their heaters to an existing chimney or flue pipe, but want the comfort and convenience of gas appliances.

Like the Art and Style series, they require no electrical connection, can be run on mains gas or LPG, and deliver heat capacities from 4 to 10 kw.

A conventional flue system uses oxygen from the atmosphere through a chimney or flue pipe. Using natural convection, the air is pulled into the heating appliance and results in combustion, increasing the temperature of the heat exchanger within the device.

Many ancient and more old-fashioned churches still have a flue pipe or chimney. In times past, this was often attached to a cast iron, coal or wood burning stove. Whilst there might be a yearning for this type of heating, in actual fact, it was costly, inefficient and not very effective.

DRU S-Line conventional flue gas heaters are contemporary gas heating piece of equipment that replace the traditional solid fue stove, but still make depend for their air supply on the chimney or flue pipe. They can be used in churches, community centres and homes. They are also suitable for agricultural premises and other isolated places.

They provide secure, silent and comfortable heating with an efficiency rating of 73%. This means that energy costs can be brought down and carbon releases kept very low. So your institution can take control of its finances and look after the environment as well.

Brand DRU
Model Freestanding
Fuel Natural gas 
Output (kW) 8.0 kW 
Combustion system Open
Efficiency 82%
Interior finish -
Front colours Pearl white
Burner -
Fire-view Front
Controls Manual

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