Drugasar Style 31 Wall Heater - Alu-Metallic

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DRU Style 31 low profile balanced flue gas wall heater with natural convection - heat output 3 kW

Please note price includes wall heater and standard flue 

Style Series gas convector heaters have the same balanced flue system as Art Series, but with a more slimline and contemporary, alu-metallic fascia style.

The Style 31 model, like the Horizon has a lower height so it can be installed under high windows or on limited wall spaces, such as temporary structures or conservatories.

They are a perfect choice for offices, studios, residences, home annexes and conservatories.

DRU Style series gas convector heaters use balanced flue technology. This is a system that was engineered by DRU in the 1930s and sets the standard for a huge number of today’s gas heating devices. They draw air through an outside wall for combustion using a flue with unforced convection. A different chamber of the flue expels exhaust fumes to the open air.

This results in benign, silent and energy-saving heating for commercial and home situations. Because the air is kept fresh inside the building, the heating is comfortable for school students, office employees, light industrial personnel or families in the home.

The heaters are 78% efficient, an excellent standard for any industrial or domestic heating device. It means that, properly looked after, the heaters will deliver energy-saving office or home heating, with lower gas bills and lower carbon discharges, making them kind to the planet.

DRU Style series gas wall heaters are used with mains gas. This means that they can be fitted in almost any place, no matter how remote. They can be found in country churches, village halls, military garrisons, municial buildings, farms and zoos.

Another major benefit of DRU Style series heaters convectors is that they need no electrical connection. They use a battery operated piezo electric ignition. Again, this makes them ideal for church and school heating in distant places or portable structures. They can be used anywhere that there is reduced or no electrical supply.

Brand DRU
Model Suspended
Fuel Natural gas 
Output (kW) 3.0 kW 
Combustion system Closed
Efficiency 85%
Interior finish -
Front colours Alu-metallic/anthracite
Burner -
Fire-view Front
Controls Manual

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