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Please note price includes wall heater and standard flue

DRU Art and Horizon balanced flue gas wall heaters have been used for church heating for many years. They also have many other applications in schools, public buildings, offices and homes.

They can be run on natural gas,  need no electrical supply and can be fitted in isolation or to a central timing device.

DRU Art and Horizon gas wall heaters use balanced flue technology. This is a system that was put in place by DRU in the 1930s and is the origin of a large number of gas heating appliances today. They draw air through an outside wall for burning using a flue with quiet convection. A different chamber of the flue ejects surplus gases to the open air.

The result of this is safe, silent and effective heating for commercial and domestic locations. Because the air is not being exhausted inside the building, the heating is relaxing for churchgoers, school students, office employees or families in homes.

The heaters have an  energy efficency level of 78%. This is exceptional for any commercial heating device. It means that, with the right care and servicing, the heaters will deliver low-cost church or school heating, with reduced energy costs and carbon emissions, making them safe for people and the planet.

DRU Art series gas wall heaters can be adapted for used with mains gas or Propane. This means that they can be fitted in almost any place, no matter how remote. They can be found in country churches, village halls, military garrisons, municial buildings, farms and zoos.

Another major advantage of DRU Art series convectors is that they need no electrical connection. They use a battery operated piezo electric ignition. Again, this makes them ideal for church and school heating in distant places or portable structures. They can be used anywhere that there is reduced or no electrical supply.

DRU Art and Horizon series balanced flue heaters are smart in appearance, with beige or white outer covers that are discreet and stylish in any commercial or domestic heating location. Art series have regular size enclosures, while Horizon models have a lower height so they can be installed under tall church windows or in limited wall spaces.

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