Nothing creates an inviting atmosphere quite like a stove. Discount Stoves and Fires have a large range of gas stoves, all from leading suppliers like Gazco, Dru, Dovre and Yeoman. From traditional to contemporary styles, stunning cast iron detail, choices of coals or logs. Available for conventional or balanced flues, natural gas or LPG. Control either manually or upgradeable to remote control.

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Drugasar Global Beau conventional flue freestanding gas stove

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Drugasar Circo balanced flue gas stove

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Drugasar Trio 3-sided Freestanding Gas Stove

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Legend Ethos 400/400 Stove

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Dovre 425 Gas/Electric/Multi Fuel

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Huntingdon 25

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Legend Ethos 750 Landscape


Lugo 70/3 Module Eco Wave


Passo Eco Wave